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Custom ROM Lenovo A800 Android 4.1

After searching from various sources on the internet, finally I have found a custom rom Android 4.1 for Lenovo A800. I found it in the Chinese forum. If you are interested you can visit it here.

Here is the ROM information
Model name : Lenovo a800
Andrid version : 4.1
ROM Author : Supernova
ROM version number : a800ydss-Caoxinxin-lawa + MIUI

ROM Features: Based on official S126 original package produced extremely streamlined, ultra-small memory occupied

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (2)

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (1)

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (4)

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (3)

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (6)

Lenovo A800 Jelly Bean (5)


Step 1: brush into mobile uncle Chinese recovery. Tutorial also posted here
Step 2: Download this card brush ROM copied to the external SD card root directory
Step 3: shutdown state, data cable, one end of the phone, one end of the port of the computer. While holding down:
Power button + volume + volume keys (3 keys with the press) to enter the recovery Brush mode, first rec clear the user data and cache, and then enter the card brush
Options Brush can.
Step 4: Brush complete, restart the phone

I can not install this ROM, after download the package error for me


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    I personally don’t believe this is Jelly Bean. First of all, the free memory shown is high and I thought JB was supposed to consume more RAM than ICS. Second, and the most important of all, please notice the Kernel version in the 4th screenshot, it’s still 3.0.13, same kernel for ICS. I believe that the minimum kernel version for JB is suppose to be 3.0.31. Our best hope is the Lenovo themselves release at least a new upgraded kernel in order to support JB. If they can’t, they should at least release the present kernel’s source code so that the community can find a way to squeeze a Jelly Bean upgrade. In my personal experience, I like the Lewa OS better than this one.

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    Dear Friend, I am using Lenovo A800 Rooted. But I could not install custom recovery (CWM or TWRP). I have tried through ROM Manager, Goo Manager, Chineseuncle. How you have installed it. Pointers would be grateful. Thanks a lot for sharing and the help. Prabhu (India).

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      1) download this file: mobile uncle, recovery image,

      2) Copy Mobileuncle Tools, Recovery.img to SD Card
      3) nstall Mobileuncle Tools.apk and run it
      4) choose “Recovery Update” from mobile uncle tool and please wait until “Recovery” appear
      5) browse recovery.img -> OK
      6) restart
      7) you can accsess CWM by press vol +, vol – and power button together

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